a change in the location of my further posts.

from now on all my posts in every topic will be on the blog old.rip ..the reason for it is to avoid the third party ads which are annoingly merged into my posts on the free blogs i have mostly used so far. the https://old.rip is my only paid blog and theoretically there should be […]

a change in the location of my further posts.

the projects that never got started, and a new idea that may get a start as a project.

over the years i’ve had some ideas which appeared to be great in social value, in scientific research value and in a way of making some money along the way. the problem is that the ideas as such are worthless unless they are implemented. as i was not in a position to take care of […]

the projects that never got started, and a new idea that may get a start as a project.

donation(s) online.

the domain name for making donations online has been acquired — it wasn’t possible on free wordpress accounts thus i set up a site with a paid subscription. the option to donate online for my research should become available soon – i’m working on it.. theoretically there are no obstacles, just learning all there’s necessary […]

donation(s) online.

speeding up the brain.

for years and even perhaps for two decades now i have used downloader programs/apps for video and audio material to go through the information faster, with the apps/programs allowing to speed up the playback. twenty years ago it seemed almost impossible to listen condensed information at x2 speed while x1.5 was acceptable to understand. only […]

speeding up the brain.

about technical side.

i’ve managed to buy all i need to record video and audio in good enough quality, so basically it’s now behind my own decision to start recording whenever i’ll be ready. no expensive equipment, almost all is second hand from vendors in france where i still am right now. i’ve got no real plans anymore […]

about technical side.

things to say.

i’ve got things to write about.. or to tell on video, or at least in audio to make the process faster. the thing is, by my experience it’s better to shut up about certain things, especially when you enjoy the life no matter what it may look to others. too many times in life i […]

things to say.

an update: about.

an update to the ‘about’ page. in recent years i have learned about a large number of false scientific claims and fake studies, in many fields. it may take generations before the true science will advance. i don’t have a hundred years to wait till the true science will give me an “immortality”, a continuously […]

an update: about.


Advanced Handwriting Cryptography: download the book read online A literary agent is needed to publish the book in different languages. Contact details below. // Un-e agent-e littéraire est nécessaire pour publier le livre dans différentes langues. Coordonnées ci-dessous. Other free books by Alex Kobold: read the short description/synopsis, download and read for free online […]



it seems like i’m almost ready to begin writing again about my method of natural longevity, about the latest and somewhat surprising discoveries i made during the research and testing. i cannot give out any new promises, i just admit the readiness. the life has taken unpredicted turns thus some of my promises i have […]


a great podcast, and the true science of the brain

learn some brain science with easily accessible words to anyone.. https://www.youtube.com/c/AndrewHubermanLab/videos .. unfortunately, although a great podcast, i haven’t heard there so far anything about true differences between the individual brains of people. it’s a kind of tabu in modern brain science even to mention the physiological differences we have. everyone is forcibly made equal […]

a great podcast, and the true science of the brain

the control of own mind.

it’s becoming more and more interesting to me to program my own mind because i’m seeing certain progress and achieving visible results. everything else in life becomes secondary, less important so to say, because programming my own mind is truly enjoyable.. it has promised a great future while tapping into some hidden powers. to understand […]

the control of own mind.

cold as good as fasting.

latest scientific research has confirmed that cold is good for body on the same level as fasting. in fact the beneficial effect of cold has been known for centuries but only recently investigated using scientific methods. both with fasting and cold exposure body reacts to the stress by mobilizing all available resources. the “side effect” […]

cold as good as fasting.

what is aging?

the aging process only means diminishing of health — there is no such thing as aging in biological sense, it is only the cumulative effect of diseases/faults/defects in your body — the failure of your body to replace damaged parts, /…/. we call it aging when we steadily look worse than before while in fact […]

what is aging?

about creating the sigils

i create the sigils only in the right state of mind, with care, so there won’t be masses of them.. unless they accumulate over time. or, when i’ll be in the right state of mind and i’ve got nothing more important to do, then perhaps i’ll create a bunch of examples.

so far there’s always something else to do — phone calls, e-mails, info booklets to study, addresses to find on internet, next days to plan not to run all over the paris several times a day, etc.

later i’ll post some good photos of the sigils, so far you can see few examples here..



how to give powers to sigils

the desired power must be verbalized internally, but it can also be said out loud. internal verbalization is preferred to avoid others hearing you and messing with your powers.

the process of telling the power of a sigil in words is necessary because the mind has a certain mess without clear expression.

the sentence must be positive, with no negative expressions like “does not”, “without”, “haven’t” and so on. you must use “does”, “with”, “have” etc.

also, the sentence shouldn’t include a sense of future, like “start”, “begin” and others, only the present time like you already have the desired power.

once you have decided the power and attached it to a sigil, you don’t need to worry anymore about the exact wording you expressed the power. when the meaning is fixed to the sigil it works on your subconscious level.

obviously it’s better if you remember the meaning, and remind yourself every once in a while.

if you find a sigil of which you have forgotten the exact meaning, you can destroy it and create another one, but that isn’t necessary — the memory of subconscious mind remains even when you’re not aware of it anymore consciously.

if you do remember the meaning of a sigil but it hasn’t the desired effect then you can create another one with a similar or the same meaning but expressed in different words.

you can create as many sigils as you wish, even with the same meaning.

avoid ambiguous words and sentences. use dictionary and verify grammar to make sure you make the best of the powers of sigils.


about the SIGILS

the magic cryptic symbols which i’m creating from metal wire:

you will give them the power you need, to support your actions in life. once the desired power of the sigil is decided, the symbol can be painted either with a transparent paint or with a color. the layer of paint fixes the power you have given to the sigil. the act of care with painting has you better involved with giving power to the sigil so it’s more effective. paint also protects the sigil from oxidation.

the sigils don’t need to be in a visible place. the powers remain in your subconscious mind. the best is to keep the sigils in some place where you sometimes happen to see them so they will remind you of the given powers and keep your subconscious mind better at the task of supporting you.


more helpful information you’ll find in my book “seeming reality” which i published over twenty years ago. download/read/share the book for free..




good domains available.

i’m working on my new projects which require some investment, thus i’m selling two of my domains which i have acquired long time ago but haven’t made into the use of the initial purpose. the domains i’m selling:


prior to purchasing the domains about ten years ago i did official copyright limitations research by an accredited organization and received a document confirming there are no copyright restrictions to using the domain names. anyone can buy and use the above mentioned domains for personal or business needs.

right now you can negotiate a good price because i need free finances fast. later on, if i won’t find a buyer myself, i will probably involve professionals to sell the domains which means that the price will go up and i may also put the domains on an auction to get the highest price possible.

my contact.. https://youthextension.wordpress.com/2019/10/20/my-contact

the domains have previously been forwarded to my YE blog to the category ‘trading‘. the trading project haven’t even began yet with real money (i keep improving my formulas with virtual money) as i haven’t found investors yet — read about my current projects.